Terms and Conditions

1. Introduction 

1.1 Welcome to alldaymarket.com ("the Site").  Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully before using the platform.  By accessing the site you agree to be bound by the said Terms and Conditions.

1.2 Use of these services applies ONLY to individuals who are eighteen (18) years of age and above, and can execute a legally binding agreement/ contracts under Philippine Laws.  

1.3 alldaymarket reserves the right to change, alter, modify, suspend any feature of this site at any given time or as mandated by law.

1.4 Alldaymarket may also impose limits on certain features or products on this site with sole discretion, with out liability and need for notice.

1.5 Your Privacy is very important to us here in alldaymarket.com.  We drafted our privacy policies and practices,   Please find time to read carefully or Privacy Policy.

2. User Access 

2.1 In using alldaymarket.com you you will be asked to sign in or create a user account. However as a buyer you have an option to use the site as a guest.

2.2 To sign up you will be asked  to create a user account and password. We recommend that periodically change your password for your protection.

3. Products

3.1 All product descriptions are subject to change without prior notice and at our sole discretion.

3.2 Any product may be delisted at any given time.

3.3 Alldaymarket reserves the right to impose limit on quantity purchase of any product as warranted as as imposed by the government.

4. Pricing

4.1 Price changes without prior notice.

4.2 Price to be paid at the check out shall be based on the prevailing price at the time we process your order. The said price may or may not be the same in the site.

4.3 In case of price differences we will notify your and you shall be given an option to confirm, change or cancel your order.   

4.4 In case of weighted items, an estimated price will provided upon check out and the actual price of the weighted items will be made known to you upon processing your order.  In the event of any shortage in payment we reserve the right to charge you for the additional amount whereas in case of over payment we will refund or reverse the corresponding amount paid in accordance with our refund policy.

5. Promotions (to be defined depending on the functional capability of the site)

6. Payment

  1. Payment of orders will be made in Philippine Peso only. Total price of goods, including delivery fee and/or any voucher discounts will be displayed upon checkout but may be subject to change upon availability of stock at store. Final amount and amount due will be reflected on Official Receipt and/or Sales Invoice.
  2. All Day Market accepts the following payment options:
    1. Cash on Delivery (COD) – The rider or delivery personnel will receive your payment upon delivery.
    2. Online Payments:
      1. Credit/Debit Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and JCB will be charged through All Day Market payment gateway, PayMaya. Upon making card payments, you warrant that the credit or debit card details you provide are for your own credit or debit and that you have sufficient funds to make the payment. You also authorize us to obtain information and documentation about you, to authenticate your identity and to validate your credit or debit card to protect both parties from fraud. All charges will reflect on your statement as “ALLDAY SUPERMARKET.”
    3. Virtual wallets – Payments should be completed and verified by store before delivery via the following virtual wallets: AllEasy, PayMaya, GCash, and DragonPay. Payment will be through store QR code or processed through our partners and subject to the terms and conditions of the selected partners.
    4. Bank Transfer – Bank details will be provided upon finalization of total amount due. Bank fees will be shouldered by customer and subject to bank guidelines and terms.

7. Other Fees

7.1 alldaymarket charges a Personal Shopper’s Fee.

7.2 Delivery of products to the Buyer is subject to prevailing delivery charges. Delivery Charges is subject to change without prior notice.

7.3 Subdivision Entrance Fee, Toll Fee & others fees are for the account of the buyer to be paid upon delivery.

8. Deliveries

8.1 Orders received on or before 2PM will be delivered the following day, orders beyond 2PM will be delivered on the 2nd day.

8.2 At present alldaymarket.com delivers only to selected locations, to know more about the details of serviceable areas please click here.

8.3 Items will be delivered using the appropriate packaging materials to preserve freshness and quality.

8.4 In cases of delivery cancellation or no one is available to accept the deliver.  allday market reserves the right to charge the following:

a) re-delivery charge equivalent to the of the applicable delivery rates related to the delivery destination. Re-delivery date is subject to available delivery slot.

b) 100% of the value of the fresh and highly perishable items contained in the order.

8.5 Bulk order shall be charged higher delivery fee. If this is the case you will be notified by SMS or email accordingly.

8.6 Change of delivery address will no longer be accepted once order has been processed.

8.7 In case your delivery address is not accessible or cannot be located, You will be notified via SMS or phone call, however failure on your part to answer reply promptly will result to delivery cancellation and will be subjected to redelivery charge.

8.8 Delivery restrictions:  Delivery to offices or condominiums, Riders or delivery personnel will be allowed to use elevator. Access via stairs is highly discouraged.

8.9 Failure to deliver due to force majeure will not be considered as failure on the part of alldaymarket. Force Majeure are as follows:
a) acts of God (Flood, Typhoon, Earthquake,fire)
b) strike
c) pandemic as declared by the Government of World Health Org (WHO)

9. Replacement, Return & Refund

9.1 Returns and Replacement can be coursed through the servicing store as indicated in the receipt issued upon delivery.

9.2 Replacement/return of non-perishable items will be allowed within 7 days from date or purchase, provided item is in its original packaging state along with original store sales receipt issued upon delivery. Exchange or return of non-perishable items can be made in-store or maybe be exchanged remotely; in case of customer’s change of mind, customer will shoulder the shipping fee for the return and exchange of item/s.

9.3 Replacement of fresh and or perishable items is allowed only within 24 hours upon delivery; in case of customer’s change of mind, customer will shoulder delivery cost for return and exchange of the item/s.

9.3 Request for Refund applies only to cash transactions. Reversal will be done for Credit/debit card transaction subject to the bank guidelines and lead time. Requests can be coursed through the servicing store as indicated in the receipt issued upon delivery.

10. Amendments

10.1 Allday reserves the right to change, amend, revise, up date the Terms and Conditions of this site.